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All funds received will be committed to public interest projects as determined by Stephen C. Woodruff in his sole discretion.  Funds may be treated as office income and taxable as such.  There is no tax benefit to you from contributions to the Woodruff Public Interest Fund.  If you donate at least $250, we will add you to an emailing list and endeavor to keep you advised of our public interest projects and the use and application of the Public Interest Fund.  Smaller contributors may also be added to the emailing list at our discretion.

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Current efforts are concentrated in addressing the failings of Federalization of immigration law in the CNMI.  Previously, our principal focus to this end was petitions in the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit of decisions of the Board of Immigration Appeals in cases arising in the Saipan Immigration Court.   Presently, there is a crisis in the CNMI-Only Transitional Worker (CW) Program we are working to help address.  This problem is closely related to the problem of an appropriate immigration status for long-term alien residents of the CNMI (see below).  It is also related to the generally clumsy implementation of the transition to Federal immigration control in the CNMI by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

We need your support to continue doing what we do and to expand our efforts into new areas. 

Additionally,we are now committed and striving to make a difference on critical issues in the national arena. 

Climate change threatens our entire planet and must be addressed over the next two decades by massive reductions of greenhouse gases.  The corrupting influence of money in U.S. politics makes possible the maintenance of a corporate oligarchy in which government serves corporations and the very rich rather than the people.  Multinational trade agreements and in particular the Trans-Pacific Partnership threaten national sovereignty and give even greater power to corporations to the detriment of working people around the world.  Important freedoms of ordinary people are threatened.  The United States has become an incarceration state.  With five percent (5%) of the world's population, we have in our jails a quarter (25%) of all the prisoners in the world.  "Too big to fail" Wall Street banks and financial institutions threaten global financial security with economic calamity.  Our national infrastructure is crumbling.  A massive redistribution of wealth from the middle and poorer classes to the wealthiest one percent has all but destroyed the backbone of our nation, the middle class.  All of this occurs even while the nation still faces the challenge of repairing the damage to our treasury and our national security caused by foolish military and foreign policy decisions in the first decade of the new millennium (and some since then).  We are dedicated to making a difference on these issues.

Thank you!  Si Yu'us Ma'ase!  Ghilisou!

Specific Projects Previously Supported:

The Dekada Movement, Inc. (Support for improved civil, political, and immigration status for long-term alien residents of the CNMI)

Say 'No' to PL 15-108 (link to the blog).  This was an unjust law that treated foreign workers in the CNMI unfairly, adversely affected businesses, and further undermined the economy.  This problem exists to this day, although the context and framework has changed.

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