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Must be the Humidity

Blog of lil_hammerhead.  Lively . . . distinctive point of view . . . lil'iterate . . . energetic . . . creative . . . concerned.  Besides, lil_hammerhead links to my blog, how could I leave this one out?!

The Saipan Blog

Self-Description:  Hafa Adai, Welcome to the Adventures of Chamaole, founder of the CNMI Jedi Party and the leading voice for the people of the CNMI that live in his apartment! Living and working in Saipan, CNMI since April 2006.   Brokeback video producer.

Middle Road

Lively and interesting blog on island life and issues written by a trio of writers, identity unknown, noma de blog, Geek Goddess, The Reveler, and Weird Elle.

Seaweed, Sand and Sunsets

Life's a Beach!  (Hey, that used to be the slogan of my old bar and restaurant, The Beach Pub.  If you know Saipan, you know the place.  Used to be California Beach Inn, then went through a few unnotable iterations before my partners and I had it, then it became Rudolpho's.  Now you know it as Oleai Beach -- went through a few changes along the way.  Rudolpho's bought us out, and when they moved to the Capitol Hill intersection took our polished ironwood trunk bar stools with them.  No idea what happened to those.)  Anyway, Tamara's blog is great!

Saipan Writer

Excellent blog of Micronesian Legal Services Corporation Executive Director Jane Mack.

Tina Sablan

Representative-elect Tina Sablan's forum (i.e. her website established well before the election).  Thank you, Tina, for your vision and leadership, for empowering people, liberating voices, and helping bring all the people of Saipan together.

The Saipan Public Forum

Website of the public fora initiated by Tina Sablan and her "Commonwealth Manifesto."

Because I Said So!

Billed as, "The hastily written random musings of a debatably regular mom."

Saipan and other random hypercritical thoughts

Jeff Turbitt's excellent (although sometimes offensive or annoying) blog.  Jeff says (5th comment) this description is a bit lame, so I guess I had better liven it up a little.  Supplemental description starts here:  Reviled by lil_hammerhead and pragmatic plato; odd relationship with bradinthesand, whom he repeatedly links with NAMBLA (see here and here); fraternal relationship with Angelo spiced with sometimes rivalry over who's sexiest; author of "never even a little bit offensive or in bad taste" New Rules regular feature; observations and analysis of local issues meriting a B+; high school creative writing teacher tries to keep his muse sharp; agrees everyone's annoying sometimes; and even offers links to naked young Japanese women engaged in group sex.  (How's that Jeff?)

Saipan's Beach Boy Blog

Brad Ruszala, executioner of Weathermen.  Brad's Weatherman posts are here and here.

Marianas Eye

Dr. David Korram

Side Orders

Walt Goodridge

Day In  Court

Micronesian Legal Services Corporation blog

Island Crusader

Anti-DC Democrats, Anti-Federalization Rant -- Website with ridiculous "be scared at home," keep U.S. resources there, forget CNMI, meddling will create turmoil and uncertainty for this poor, fragile place utterly dependent upon "U.S./foreign investment and tourism" automated (just-fill-out-your-data-and-punch-send) letter to U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.  Parade of  horribles: "Federalization" of the CNMI's immigration will make the U.S. mainland vulnerable to "illegal aliens, drug smugglers, and terrorists."  Besides, the "indigenous US citizens" are against it.  Ahh!  I see, only haoles are in favor of federalization.  Funny how that isn't what I hear from all the brown-skinned people I meet and talk with on the streets and in the shops and offices of Saipan.

Beautify CNMI

Saipan's #1 Korean Party Girl

Angelo Villagomez (Saipan Blogger)'s special friend.  Viral blogging . . . connectedness . . .

Saipanuvian Speaks

Bruce Bateman's sour grapes (and that's being charitable!)

Life in Oceania

Melissa Simms's "Rants, Raves, and Randomness from a Lawyer in Paradise"

Everybody's got a cousin on Saipan . . .

Randy Steele (Triple J Motors)

Saipan Casino Blog

gross . . .

Taotao Tano

Figure this out . . . .  Oh, there's more -- this one's entitled "Against Fixing Our Labor System" and is vividly confused, xenophobic, and . . . . (need it be said?)

Deputy Labor Secretary (former Rep.) Cinta Kaipat's CNMI Blog

Turtle picture is fabulous but cannot make up for the profound policy misjudgments and various misdirections here at the home blog of former Representative (and chief responsible party for Public Law 15-108) Cinta Kaipat, whose appointment by her uncle, Governor Benigno "They Are All Illegals" Fitial, to be Deputy Secretary of the Department of Labor is a crystalline testament to the unstated agenda and underlying attitude of the present administration toward foreign national workers: use 'em, abuse 'em, dispose of 'em, or more cerebrally: restrain them; process them (mechanically, with maximum efficiency); move them out -- fungible commodities, dispossessed third worlders who should be gratfefully for having been allowed to be here at all, whose humanity, dignity, contributions to the community, families, personal situation are all deemed irrelevancies -- to be disregarded by applications some crude truncated and parocial (even mean-spirited) legal rules, the bastard children of myopic preconceptions lacking any meaningful empirical basis.

The Voice of Olomwaay

Gus Kaipat

Just Relax =)

"Refaluwasch" (The writer is a former CNMI legislative employee.)

My Blogs

Say 'No' to PL 15-108

The Unity Movement CNMI

Sai-Treking Web Adventure

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